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reading via the kindle app

To help fulfill my stated goal of reading more, I have installed the Kindle app on my laptops. So far I’ve found scores of free ebooks that I’ve either always wanted to read, or figured I’d give a chance since they’re free. The first one I read was a collection of Aesop’s fables.

Some reactions:

  • They’re all really short – rarely more than two paragraphs
  • I’ve heard the vast majority of them (perhaps with some characters changed) and never knew they were an “Aesop fable”
  • Reading with the Kindle app requires NOT using the arrow keys until you want to change *pages* – it doesn’t scroll like Word or a web browser – you *have* to read all the way to the bottom of the screen before “changing pages”
  • Not being able to linearly scroll is annoying because it’s how I read on a computer
  • Bookmarks are cool – being able to come back to where you were quickly
  • “Whispersync”â„¢ – Amazon’s autosynchronizer is pretty cool, too: allows all of your Kindles to be at the “same” place in an ebook