fighting the lack of good ideas

don’t blog

to “compete” with others.

There are great reasons to blog – but there are also lousy ones to do it.

If you’re writing because you’re trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, so to speak, you’re doing it wrong.

Don’t blog because others do. Don’t blog because others do it better. Blog because you want to. Blog because you have something to say. Blog to learn.

But don’t blog to compete. It’s a game you’ll never “win”.

why blog

There are myriad reasons to blog. However, the biggest reason should be because you want to. You feel there is something you need to share with others, and that the best way of doing that is via your blog. Maybe it’s a collection of recipes, maybe it’s a series of tutorials, maybe it’s mindless ramblings – but there should always be a reason to share what you’re about to write.

The benefits of blogging can be myriad:

  • connect with new people
  • get feedback on ideas
  • engage in discussion
  • learn to write better
  • finding new opportunities
  • keeping up with your friends
  • educating others
  • and more

But no benefit can come if you don’t have your reason to write and share.

My reasons to share (not exhaustive):

  • personal reference to difficult problems
  • showcasing personal projects / achievements
  • sharing my views on work, politics, etc
  • keep friends and family updated on what’s “new”
  • reminder of where I’ve been
  • thoughts on where I’d like to be

What are your reasons?