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ifttt & box drive my desktop backgrounds … with a little cron happiness

I love that OS X lets me change my background on a schedule (I use every 30 minutes now). But I don’t like having to find pictures to populate my desktop menagerie with. Enter completely SFW backgrounds via RSS feeds! Using IFTTT, I watch for new items from a variety of daily photo feeds, and […]

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merging centos iso images

Thanks to @Anon on Unix.SE for the pointer on how to do this. And to @Andy‘s comment on @mmckinst‘s answer for the warning about additional packages you may need. As my three readers know, I run a CentOS mirror. One of the idiosyncrasies of CentOS, like its upstream RHEL, is that DVD ISOs aren’t always just one image – […]

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columnar “email”

There needs to be a better way of handling group conversations. IRC uses the constant scroll mentality. Email has reply-at-top, reply-at-bottom, and reply-inline. Forums, reddit, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and the like have a scroll-like view – every new post is merely sequentially listed after the last. This can all lead to highly confusing digital conversations. […]

January 15, 2015 · antipaucity · 2 Comments
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what should an “ideal” support ticketing system provide?

If you were going to create a support ticketing system from scratch – what would you put in it? My initial list of needs (some of which derive from my book, Debugging and Supporting Software Systems, and other from my experiences in ticket smashes): “long” title support (HP truncates at 80 characters – give me at […]

January 9, 2015 · antipaucity · 3 Comments
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bglug presentation – 04 aug 2014 – basics of initial centos/rhel 6.x server configuration

Attached is the presentation for my talk on initial CentOS/RHEL 6.x server configuring. bglug-2014-08-04-myers

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apps on the network

{This started as a Disqus reply to Eric’s post. Then I realized blog comments shouldn’t be longer than the original post } The app-on-network concept is fascinating: and one I think I’ve thought about previously, too. Hypothetically, all “social networks” should have the same connections: yet there’s dozens upon dozens (I use at least 4 […]

July 14, 2014 · antipaucity · 3 Comments
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a sample cfengine promise bundle – delete “large” files

body common control { bundlesequence => { “file_remover” }; } bundle agent file_remover { vars: “bigfile” int => “1g”; files: “/home” delete => tidy, file_select => files_too_big, depth_search => recurse(“inf”); reports: “Deleted files over $(bigfile) in size from /home”; } body depth_search recurse(d) { depth => “$(d)”; } body delete tidy { dirlinks => “delete”; […]

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soup to nuts mirroring of centos

I run a CentOS mirror. Have for a couple years. But I never stopped to see just how long it takes to start becoming a mirror. In case you wanted to know, I created a quick DO VM and ran the rsync mirror job yesterday. The results? At ~2.5MB/s, it took just over 8 hours to download […]

May 22, 2014 · antipaucity · One Comment
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a public – or white-labelable – rfe service a la uservoice, but easier to use

I’ve seen some services that utilize uservoice to handle requests for features, functionality, etc. And I have seen companies have formal Request For Enhancement / Enhancement Request / etc processes (generally culminating from support cases (hopefully from good ones)). What I don’t see, though, is a way to either limit who can submit requests (uservoice, for example, […]

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sending email in python with gmail

A Python nugget from Programming Your Home (review) I wanted to share from p97: import smtplib def send_email(subject, message) recipient = ‘your_email_recipient@domain.tld’ gmail_sender = ‘’ gmail_password = ‘your_gmail_password’ #use tls gmail_smtp = smtplib.SMTP(‘’, 587) gmail_smtp.ehlo() gmail_smtp.starttls() gmail_smtp.ehlo() #login gmail_smtp.login(gmail_send, gmail_password) #message formatting mail_header = ‘To: ‘ + recipient + ‘\n’ + ‘From: ‘ + gmail_sender […]

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