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bglug presentation – 04 aug 2014 – basics of initial centos/rhel 6.x server configuration

Attached is the presentation for my talk on initial CentOS/RHEL 6.x server configuring. bglug-2014-08-04-myers

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apps on the network

{This started as a Disqus reply to Eric’s post. Then I realized blog comments shouldn’t be longer than the original post } The app-on-network concept is fascinating: and one I think I’ve thought about previously, too. Hypothetically, all “social networks” should have the same connections: yet there’s dozens upon dozens (I use at least 4 […]

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a sample cfengine promise bundle – delete “large” files

body common control { bundlesequence => { “file_remover” }; } bundle agent file_remover { vars: “bigfile” int => “1g”; files: “/home” delete => tidy, file_select => files_too_big, depth_search => recurse(“inf”); reports: “Deleted files over $(bigfile) in size from /home”; } body depth_search recurse(d) { depth => “$(d)”; } body delete tidy { dirlinks => “delete”; […]

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soup to nuts mirroring of centos

I run a CentOS mirror. Have for a couple years. But I never stopped to see just how long it takes to start becoming a mirror. In case you wanted to know, I created a quick DO VM and ran the rsync mirror job yesterday. The results? At ~2.5MB/s, it took just over 8 hours to download […]

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a public – or white-labelable – rfe service a la uservoice, but easier to use

I’ve seen some services that utilize uservoice to handle requests for features, functionality, etc. And I have seen companies have formal Request For Enhancement / Enhancement Request / etc processes (generally culminating from support cases (hopefully from good ones)). What I don’t see, though, is a way to either limit who can submit requests (uservoice, for example, […]

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sending email in python with gmail

A Python nugget from Programming Your Home (review) I wanted to share from p97: import smtplib def send_email(subject, message) recipient = ‘your_email_recipient@domain.tld’ gmail_sender = ‘’ gmail_password = ‘your_gmail_password’ #use tls gmail_smtp = smtplib.SMTP(‘’, 587) gmail_smtp.ehlo() gmail_smtp.starttls() gmail_smtp.ehlo() #login gmail_smtp.login(gmail_send, gmail_password) #message formatting mail_header = ‘To: ‘ + recipient + ‘\n’ + ‘From: ‘ + gmail_sender […]

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setting-up etherpad in centos 6

To add to my tutorial collection, here’s how to setup EtherPad on CentOS 6 (x64). As in the IRC tutorial, I used a Digital Ocean VM for this What is EtherPad? It’s an open-source collaborative text editor that works like Google Docs – ie, all editors/viewers can see changes from everyone else in realtime. Here’s […]

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what to automate

I have been in the world of automation for quite a while. Specifically in the realms of server, datacenter, and cloud automation – but I’ve been interested and/or involved in other tasks that tend towards automation (even for a short period of time) for far longer than just my post-college time in the world of […]

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programming your home by mike riley

Mike Riley’s entry in The Pragmatic Programmers series, Programming Your Home – automating with Arduino, Android, and your computer – was a lot of fun. While I am not really in a position to do many of the mini projects given in the book (wrong type of house plus we rent), reading some of the […]

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automatically extract email attachments with common linux tools

I had need to automatically process emails to a specific address to pull attachments out, and this is how I did it: $ yum install mpack $ cat #!/bin/bash rm -rf ~/attachtmp mkdir ~/attachtmp mv ~/Maildir/new/* ~/attachtmp cd ~ munpack ~/attachtmp/* rm -rf ~/attachtmp $ crontab -l */5 * * * * ~/ Why, […]

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