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pydio has clients now

In update to my recent how-to, I found out from the founder of Pydio there are dedicated clients now. IOW, you don’t have to use just the WebUI. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but good to know they’re now there – it makes comparing Pydio and other tools like ownCloud easier.

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what level of abstraction is appropriate?

Every day we all work at multiple levels of abstraction. Perhaps this XKCD comic sums it up best: But unless you’re weird and think about these kinds of things (like I do), you probably just run through your life happily interacting at whatever level seems most appropriate at the time. Most drivers, for example, don’t […]

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may 11 bglug meeting 6:30p at beaumont branch: topic – freeipa

We will be meeting at the Beaumont Library Branch at 6:30p on 11 May. Our speaker is the LUG’s own Nathaniel McCallum, one of the FreeIPA maintainers – and all-around nice guy. Come out and support the LUG, learn something new, and meet cool people.

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owncloud vs pydio – more diy cloud storage

Last week I wrote a how-to on using Pydio as a front-end to a MooseFS distributed data storage cluster. The big complaint I had while writing that was that I wanted to use ownCloud, but it doesn’t Just Work™ on CentOS 6*. After finishing the tutorial, I decided to do some more digging – because […]

April 30, 2015 · antipaucity · One Comment
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why do i use digital ocean?

Besides the fact that I have a referral code, I think Digital Ocean has done a great job of making an accessible, affordable, cloud environment for folks (like me) to spin-up and -down servers for trying new things out. You can’t beat an average of 55 seconds to get a new server. There are other […]

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create your own clustered cloud storage system with moosefs and pydio

This started-off as a how-to on installing ownCloud. But their own installation procedures don’t work for the 8.0x release and CentOS 6. Most of you know I’ve been interested in distributed / cloud storage for quite some time. And that I find MooseFS to be fascinating. As of 2.0, MooseFS comes in two flavors – the […]

April 21, 2015 · antipaucity · 2 Comments
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keep your wordpress installs up-to-date

I run several websites on my server – nothing heavy, just some various vhosts for Apache. Many (but not all) of them run WordPress. At some unknown point (and I haven’t kept the crap that was being used around), over 100,000 files were uploaded to the root directory of one of the websites (the only […]

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please reply at top

There is a constant war over top-repliers, bottom-repliers, and inline-repliers. If you’re replying to an email, reply at the top. Unless there is some overarching need to reply inline (hint – it is very very rare). Bottom-replying makes me have to reread all the crap that has been left from previous messages before I get to what you […]

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ifttt & box drive my desktop backgrounds … with a little cron happiness

I love that OS X lets me change my background on a schedule (I use every 30 minutes now). But I don’t like having to find pictures to populate my desktop menagerie with. Enter completely SFW backgrounds via RSS feeds! Using IFTTT, I watch for new items from a variety of daily photo feeds, and […]

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merging centos iso images

Thanks to @Anon on Unix.SE for the pointer on how to do this. And to @Andy‘s comment on @mmckinst‘s answer for the warning about additional packages you may need. As my three readers know, I run a CentOS mirror. One of the idiosyncrasies of CentOS, like its upstream RHEL, is that DVD ISOs aren’t always just one image – […]

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