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here and now – monopoly updated: follow-up

It’s finally been released, and I had a chance to play the new game with some friends recently who bought a copy. Following-up from my previous post, thankfully the publishers didn’t totally bork the game. The balance of the game is still good because all they did to update to ‘here and now’ was to multiply all of the dollar values by 10,000. That’s right – ‘Boardwalk’ (now Fenway Park) costs $4,000,000 not $400. All of the railroads have been swapped for airports, and the utilities include an ISP and no Water Works.

Playing that game was fun – and not just because I owned over half the property within 45 minutes 🙂 (in a four-player game!). It was fun because the game is still the same – the values are just larger, and the properties more representative of the US as a whole.

And just in case you thought politics really was honorable, you can now buy the White House.