fighting the lack of good ideas


I went to Guglhupf in Durham today for lunch. I’d never heard of them before today, and only went with the group I had joined because Foster’s was slammed.

Their soup selections change daily, and today I tried their scotch broth – which today was lamb-based. I also ordered a breakfast bread basket. My total today was about $7.50, and I had exactly as much as I needed for lunch.

Some of the folks I ate with thought it was upscale, but their prices aren’t as high as might be expected from the decor.

Seating is spread across two floors, with a very open floor plan. Service was very quick, and all of the staff went out of their way to be friendly to each of us.

For a relaxing lunch with an all-fresh menu, and rotating specials, Guglhupf is now ranked in my list of places to go in the Triangle.


This week I made a batch of applesauce from the macintoshes I had in my fridge before they went bad.

While it tasted pretty good (if I do say so myself), I much preferred the batch from over Christmas made with Northern Spies. The Northern Spy is my favorite apple – great in pies, sauce, fried apples, cobbler, and out-of-hand.

Basic applesauce recipe:

  • apples
  • <1/8th cup of sugar*
  • ground cinnamon & ground nutmeg to taste
  • quarter and core apples
  • place in large pot with about 1″ of water
  • simmer till skins come off, stirring to prevent sticking
  • remove skins and discard
  • continue simmering until texture is “saucy”

* I don’t always add sugar – for sweeter apples this is certainly not a requirement.

eating at home

After finding Mint yesterday, I was freshly reminded of how expensive it is to eat out.

For example, the least expensive meal I know of when I go out for lunch that isn’t fast food (though Chik-Fil-A is darned tasty) is about $8 including a soda; $6 with water.

However, a bowl of soup and crackers with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich costs about 3 minutes and $2.50 at home.

Going out for steak will run me $15-35. Buying a cut of filet and cooking it in my broiler takes about 15 minutes and costs $7-12.

So, for now, I’m looking to eat at least two meals a day at home and save some buckage 🙂

minty freshness

I just heard about today.

Whoever thought this one up is a genius. They’ll keep track of your financial state, sending alerts if anything is amiss.

yes, i’m a dork

Certainly you’ve all seen Chuck Norris Facts.

And some of you who may be on Stackoverflow have seen Jon Skeet Facts.

But have you seen Bruce Schneier Facts?

“The nuclear launch codes held by the President of the United States are secured by an unbreakable system: a plain brown envelope with a picture of Bruce Schneier on the flap.” “Bruce Schneier doesn’t have a chin under his beard – just more ciphertext.” “Bruce Schneier once broke AES using nothing but six feet of rusty barbed wire, a toothpick, and the front axle from a 1962 Ford Falcon.”

Ahh, the joys of memes.