fighting the lack of good ideas

retirement party

My goal is to retire by the end of the year. To make sure I reach that goal, I’m requesting donations from friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and outright strangers.

If you’d like to contribute to my retirement fund, please send me an email: Donations of any size are accepted, but I don’t give tax receipts.

My goal: $1,570,796.33 by the end of the year. I have $3.14 as of today.

an oldy…

…but a goody:

HDTV explained!

perfect camoflage!

So, researchers have figured out how make a material that will absorb 99.9% of incoming light. So, does that mean you can only “see” it because you can’t see it? If it’s not reflecting any light, then you only think you see it, because you can’t actually “see” no light, you could only see the fact there is nothing there, and presume there had to be something there.

Or maybe I just need more sugar.

the strip club

Obviously I have too much free time in my head. Yesterday, while celebrating the end of my rather blasé database course, my friend Matt and I decided to go hit up Cook Out for milkshakes – and yes, I got my all-time favorite peanut butter mint 🙂 – and it dawned on us, through some unknown sequence of conversation, that a perfect name for a furniture refinishing business would be ‘The Strip Club’.

That’s right, you can bring us your old, tired wood tables, chairs, and dressers, and we’ll smooth them down, and polish them up. No blowing through any jobs – we’ll do our work by hand. Is your bookcase taking a beating? Let us scrape off that old finish and massage-in the new. You can even bring in your buffet in the buff, and we’ll wax it for you.

Alright, I’ll stop now, but it was fun while it lasted :).