posting from google+ to other services with ifttt

I’ve been using If This Then That (best part? it’s free!) for several months, and wanted to share a simple way to post updates from Google+ (or any RSS feed, but I digress) to your other social media services. Currently I only use Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – though I am sure this basic process … Continue reading posting from google+ to other services with ifttt

hashtagiquette – inline, or append?

There seems to be a great deal of divide over where, when, and how hashtags should be used on social media services like Twitter. If you google “hashtag etiquette”, you’ll get a variety of differing results. So – what’s the best route to follow? When is it ok to create your own? Why would you want … Continue reading hashtagiquette – inline, or append?

crowdsourcing patronage

Just what is journalism going to look like in the future? It’s a question that’s been bouncing around my head for a while, and articulated in various pieces by Ben Thompson (in a nichification process), my friend Eric Hydrick, and others. Eric brought up the idea of supporting “special” journalism through services like Patreon. I … Continue reading crowdsourcing patronage