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preliminary update on kirk’s crash

All who knew Kirk Aragon are still in shock over his sudden and tragic loss Sunday. The N&O called me this week for a brief interview, and some of what I had to say is in an article published today by Aliana Ramos, along with the following preliminary information about the crash: The private-plane crash […]

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netherland by joseph o’neill

I finished reading Netherland by Joseph O’Neill Tuesday. It’s a “novel” in the same sense that One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or Where the Heart Is are novels – it’s a story. The story unfolds in a rambling fashion as a the memoirs of Hans van den Broek. It’s a story of one man’s life […]

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kirk aragon – lost 25 september 2011

Kirk Aragon was a former direct coworker, and long-time colleague of mine. Kirk died Sunday doing what he loved to do. I first met Kirk a few days after starting Opsware in January of 2007. He was one of the “named resources” for dealing with our biggest customer, EDS. Kirk’s professionalism, friendliness, and over-powering happiness that […]

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effective error messages

I had a recent conversation with an old classmate, and he stated that using asserts when programming Java is useless because an exception can generate more useful information. Exceptions are only “more useful” if you are a developer or perhaps supporting an application. When a bug report or support case needs to be created, supplying the “raw” […]

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http is a stateless protocol

The ubiquitous protocol that enables the internet as we know it, http, is stateless. Stateless merely means that any given request has nothing to do with the previous, or the next request. This enables the world wide web, as web servers do not need to keep track of who is receiving data, nor ow much […]

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apple should buy sprint

According to The Street, Sprint-Nextel is at a 52-week low with today’s closing price. Their market cap is $10 billion. Apple as $70 billion in cash on hand. Google is buying Motorola. I think Apple should buy Sprint. And they should stop distributing the iPhone via Verizon and AT&T in the US. guarantee a distribution […]

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changing hosts

After several years of being hosted at tektonic, it has come time to move hosts. My current web server is running 32-bit CentOS 4.9. Eek! That is old. Since upgrading to a new release of CentOS is now becoming more urgent, and upgrading is really reinstalling a new OS, I’ve started to look at new hosts. […]

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nj man suing the port authority

From NBC New York, “NJ Man Sues Over Toll Hikes, Claims Bias“. A New Jersey man has filed a federal lawsuit in New York over the Port Authority’s toll increase. Yoel Weisshaus of New Milford claims the increase is an abuse of power and discriminates against him because he is poor. Cash tolls on the […]

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technical career development

Career development. Career path. Development opportunities. Taking your career to the next level. Terms and phrases we all hear and pretty much pass over in our day-to-day lives. Right up until we want to move to a new/better job or performance reviews roll around. But what do they mean, and how can you advance your […]

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how intel could save itanium

It’s not news that the Itanium processor is doomed in its current incarnations. Microsoft has dropped support, as has Red Hat – meaning only HP supports it with an active platform in the US (with HPUX). The Itanim should have been Intel’s chance to totally walk away with the processor market – but they blew […]

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